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With a track record of success in cost effective and appropriate materials selection and an extensive database of materials and chemical interactions, Stream ES can screen your proposals rapidly for any obvious problems, and, where the data is not readily available, can suggest or arrange appropriate evaluation and testing regimes.

This way it is possible to avoid the expensive problems caused by the wrong or sub-optimal materials being built in to the plant during fabrication and construction.

Evaluation of corrosion under Heat Transfer conditions

A Typical corrosion testing rack in use for in-plant testing

Localised Corrosion testing would have identified this as a potential  problem before it happened

Typically the method used to evaluate compatibility will depend on:

-  the extent of current knowledge of the systems proposed

-  plant accessibility if in-situ testing is required

-  the availability of appropriate off-line rapid electrochemical or other techniques to generate reliable  performance data

Typical testing solutions and some background can be seen above.

When a new raw material or product is being introduced, or process conditions need to be changed for any reason, then there is likely to be some change in the interaction between the process chemicals and the materials from which the plant is constructed.

Failure to consider the consequences of such changes carries the risk of catastrophic, unexpected and hazardous failure of the plant at one extreme, or low levels of corrosion and insidious, unexpected contamination and therefore waste of product at the other.  Considering that all that is required to avoid either, and all the inconvenience in between, is early investigation of likely interactions at the product development/planning stage, it is difficult to understand why such problems still occur,

but they do!