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The design and construction of manufacturing plant involves a number of sequential key stages where engineering expertise is critical if the plant is to perform as required with the desired level of reliability.  One of the principal aims of all projects should be to deliver a plant or process which can operate effectively and predictably from the m  inute it is switched on, at planned production and reliability standards. This is often called "vertical start-up", and is achieved by ensuring that all problems which can be anticipated have solutions prepared before operation begins, and that design, installation and commissioning processes have activities built into them which will identify issues early enough into the project to allow remedial solutions to be developed before they become "firefighting".  This is a much more efficient use of time and resource and always pays back handsomely in terms of improved production.  Typically the phases of a successful project will be:

Steps in project history

None, some, or many of these stages may require attention depending on the novelty, complexity and size of the project, however the discipline of following a similarly structured approach is rarely wasted.  The aim is to deliver a project in which the reliability and maintainability issues have been fully addressed at the appropriate stage, not to be left with issues to be dealt with by fire fighting once the project is complete and the plant handed over to production.  Not only will this detract from production time, but in all likelihood a different team (from production not projects) will be involved, starting much further back down the learning curve and therefore any downtime is likely to be prolonged.  A broad based version of the Quality Plan is typically the way to ensure that the process is managed effectively, with check lists and procedures to cover the detail within each of the key stages above.  The composition of, and communication between teams involved during the project are also key to successful implementation. 

Although initial design for function and purpose are generally the provinces of the purchaser and his engineering Team, Stream ES can provide advice or hands-on assistance with any or all of the stages above using the expertise and experience outlined in the rest of this section.

Alternatively we are also happy to provide facilitation for in-house teams, should this be the route preferred by the Customer.