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Stream ES has the necessary experience and qualifications to be able to carry out such inspections on your behalf, and if we have not already gained the approval of your local regulatory authority in this respect then approval can generally be arranged quickly and easily.

Inspection personnel hold full PCN Level 2 qualifications in dye penetrant and magnetic particle crack detection and in weld inspection by ultrasonics for all configurations of butt welds in pipe and plate including nozzles and nodes.  We are also qualified as Pressure Vessel Inspectors under ASME rules.

We are also members of the Combustion Engineering Association and have an Engineer fully qualified as a boiler operator under the BOAS Scheme for troubleshooting more fundamental problems.

Boiler inspection following furnace tube repairs

Conventional Boiler Inspection or inspection tailored to match the requirements of simple or complex boiler repairs can be undertaken based on published procedures, on own in-depth experience, or both.

We maintain working relationships with the major European boiler manufacturers and have experience of the inspection of units from most major international manufacturers.

Local or National Authorities and insurance companies will almost always require certain plant items such as steam and hot water boilers and process pressure vessels to be routinely inspected at a fixed frequency to ensure that they are safe for continued operation.

It is our experience that most National regulations are intended chiefly to prevent catastrophic failure and loss of life, and although this is absolutely essential it is not always a sound basis on which the future reliability of plant or predictable production can be assured, or on which maintenance and repair activity schedules can be reliably based. 

The detail within such inspection procedures is therefore often meagre, leaving it to the inspection company to interpret and fill in the missing detail.  They may or may not have the  expertise necessary to fulfil this critical role.  Stream ES has wide experience of writing such detailed inspection procedures, having them vetted and approved by the necessary statutory bodies and if requested going on to carry out the physical inspection required.

We are therefore well positioned to provide clients with the entire service from procedure development, to inspection frequency calculation, to implementation, and all from a single source.  Project management and supplier monitoring of local inspection teams can also be undertaken.