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RVI in StreamES’s case refers to any technique which allows the examination of parts of a machine, process vessel, pipeline or other plant or any other part of a manufacturing installation which cannot be viewed under normal circumstances.  

This includes the conventional interpretation of the term RVI involving the use of:

- mirrors on illuminated sticks

- illuminated flexible fibrescopes of varying diameters and lengths - both      white light and UV are available

- illuminated flexible videoscopes (like a a fibrescope but with a TV            camera at the remote end), 6 - 15mm diameter.

- TV cameras with integral or external white or ultraviolet light which           can be fed into or drawn through piping systems

- rigid intrascopes (borescopes) based on mirrors and lenses with and     without integral illumination, of various diameters and lengths

And in our case also:

- permanent or semi-permanent camera installations providing composite views of linked areas for use during problem solving projects to help locate or identify causes of a failure remote from the immediate problem site

- Machine Motion Analysis (MMA) using medium and high speed video techniques to “slow down” the action of high speed mechanisms to permit accurate analysis of problems (particularly on high speed packaging machinery for example) and includes MMA through fibre- and video-scopes.

Stream  ES personnel have over 30 years of the use of RVI for a wide range of applications in many branches of industry and research and will be happy to work with you to determine an inspection system most appropriate for your needs.

Our range of fibrescopes, videoscopes and borescopes covers from 1.5 mm diameter up to 15mm diameter with forward and side facing lenses and in lengths from 0.3m to 7.5m  We have the facility for remote measurement through videoscopes and borescopes for the monitoring of crack size, pit size, corrosion damage etc.  A range of retrieval tools in ‘scopes with internal channels is also available for the removal of samples or the recovery of small items.

All ‘scopes work with white light and one unit is equipped with quartz optics to both transmit and receive ultraviolet light for special purposes.  This unit can be used for fluorescent Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection of remote locations (see above) and is ideal for the inspection of equipment for bacterial contamination following sanitisation or in-place cleaning trials.

We also have stroboscopic light sources which allow the visualisation of the motion of internal components within machines or mechanisms where this is required.

Our in depth experience in the wide and varied use of RVI equipment for reliability surveys and troubleshooting applications is available to you on its own or together with the necessary equipment.

High pressure boiler inspection using UV fiberscope

The use of a 7.5m long 6mm diameter Olympus videoscope is essential for the inspection of both the tubeside and shellside of this reactor.  

Falling film reactor inspection

The visual information from all of our ‘scopes can be recorded in real time onto DV tape or digital PVR or directly into a Laptop PC for permanent records or for comparison purposes.

The use of an ultraviolet fibrescope in combination with UV MPI enables the tube welds in both baskets in this high pressure boiler to be inspected around their entire circumference.